by LCFlowers

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    made in 09




Mid 20s jibber jabber.


released February 16, 2010

Luis C Flowers



all rights reserved


LCFlowers Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Fun Like We Do
There's no way that the flowers could
have fun like the way that we do
so keep trying to mend your dues
while loneliness and nonsense ensue

I want to grow up
I want to step outside
See what all the fuzz is about
Maybe I'll take another route

We'd love to meet you
And take apart your past
Think of all the people you've let down
Maybe you'll see them around.
Track Name: Misunderstanding Our Theme
I found a place in the sun
It's milky chocolate and cream
ever since you left I've been sulking in distant dreams
misunderstanding our theme

i still remember your name
engraved in CAPS on my sleeve
my limbs have caused me to stumble so I must cut them off

and wipe it all, wipe it clean

the lesson we learn:
at last we live.
Track Name: Sugar Daddy
paradigm, paradigm
won't you listen to me
I am willing to be
your sugar daddy

ask her why, ask her why
she's no longer at your feet
other people she'll meet
what a pity party

I think we've expired (X 20)

Baby don't worry I'm here and I'm horny
At least that's all we've got
Track Name: Imagine Us
imagine us on clouds
arranging cockfights and such
it may take time
the time of your life
Track Name: Bummer
all of our days should be summer
what a bummer
so feed us and clean us

waiting all morning for winter
perhaps i went there
some non-day, mundane

and we keep traveling on through circles
it's the circus of the surface that's beneath us all
Track Name: Tooth Decay
Hey! No need to render aid
My needs are underpaid
when everything goes horrid

it's a shame to see you so afraid
displaying tooth decay
be actin' like "don't worry bro"

we keep going round and round
I can't believe it
let's not conceive it
until we live it, it's murder

let's create a simple ground
then we'll retrieve it
as we perceive it
achieving balance
Track Name: Grey Matter
Green killed grey matter
it doesn't really matter
it never really mattered
fact is i much rather
fall off a ladder
or empty out my bladder

i guess i should be happy
bills are paid
to the city
maybe there i can score some drugs

hair's looking nappy
bed's unmade
beard unshaved...gosh...
darn this city
baby there's dishes to be washed

alarms were going off
and where were you
lost in solitude

my arms were falling off
and there were you
righteous plentitude
oh well
Track Name: All in All
All in all
Faces unclear
all in all
no one comes near

i wish i could fly
over stadiums and people
i wish i could fly
up here not so feeble

All in all
Faces unclear
all in all
no one comes near
all in all
habits reappear
all in all
aliens i fear

i wish i could die
maybe science will teach us
i wish you could die
up here they won't reach us
Track Name: Seems like we've managed
Sorry is the man who thinks more
of his peers and neighbors
of their piercing eyebrows

steady is the way that things go
till the shit hits the fan
then you're doomed like Japan

It doesn't matter
never mattered
slowly we gather
never really really really mattered

after we knew what we know
'bout them days of diamond
time in is time out
all of those years that we rolled
hope i don't get killed
hope i learn some skills

mid 40s
many many many many many gathered
never really mattered
Track Name: Callous is
It's the world that's around us
It's the love that's around us
while making queens of teens and fiends
callous is (X2)
Making kings of teens and thieves
callous is (X10)